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Know Thy PHP Conference Know The PHP South Coast Conference
Dec 23, 2014 @ 11:56:41

On the 7PHP.com site today Khayrette Wasseem has posted the first in a series of "Know Thy PHP Conference" series, is time focusing on PHP South Coast, a conference happening in July (2015) in Portsmouth in the UK.

The post is an interview with James Titcumb, an organizer of the event, talking some about the conference, his experience getting it up and running and some of its goals. He asks questions about:

  • Some about James' background with the local user group
  • When the event started
  • Details about where it will be held
  • Some of the other people behind the event
  • How they're looking for sponsors for the event

You can read the full interview for the answers to these and other questions about the conference. You can find out more about the event (and pick up a ticket of your own) from the main conference site.

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Link: http://7php.com/phpsouthcoast/

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