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Know Thy Conference - Know The EndPoint API Conference
Aug 05, 2014 @ 18:55:21

The 7PHP.com site has a new interview posted with Ivo Jansch about a conference this year that's not specifically targeted at PHP developers but is inclusive of them: EndPoint API Conference. The interview touches on topics such as the origin of the conference, what some of the goals are and some of Ivo's own background.

This conference is all about APIs. We use more and more smart devices in our daily lives and many of these devices communicate with the internet by ways of APIs. Once, the web was the dominant way of consuming content, but these days it’s all about smart devices. Watches, Glasses, TVs – I can see a future where every device becomes smart and can run apps.

This means that web development is experiencing a major shift. Websites become clients too, just like other apps. This means developers need to start thinking more in client/server terms, and we think Endpoint can help developers do that as efficiently as possible.

Ivo also answers other questions about:

  • Where the motivation for the conference came from
  • What kind of attendance they're expecting
  • What kinds of opportunities it offers
  • Where it excels/lacks compared to other similar events
  • If it could be an inspiration for a user group to start up

Check out the full interview for answers to these and more questions about this new conference. You can also find out more about the conference itself on the event's website.

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Link: http://7php.com/api-conference-endpointcon/#gtgt_Can_we_tag_this_as_a_PHP_API_Conf_or_a_general_API_conf_regrouping_any_programmers_usingcoding_APIs

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