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Latest PECL Releases for 06.24.2014
June 24, 2014 @ 07:08:20

Latest PECL Releases:
  • riak 1.2.0 Fixes issue 78: Segmentation fault with numeric key Fixes issue 80: Support lazy connection

  • event 1.10.2 Fix: EventBufferEvent::read() accepted negative values Fix: TSRM context was not set in EventHttp::__construct (J├ínos Fekete) Fix: refcounter in EventHttp's default callback (J├ínos Fekete)

  • swoole 1.7.3 - Fixed pipe_worker zero - Fixed serv->connect_count wrong - Fixed length_check dispatch error - Optimization of large size response packet

  • solr 1.1.1 - Fix Windows Build

  • solr 1.1.0 1.1.0 Stable - Introduced SolrServerException which handles exception responses produced by Solr Server [Feature #67063] - SolrClient::commit $maxSegments removed - SolrQuery::__construct throws SolrIllegalArgumentException instead of E_ERROR - Removed php curl extension dependency for static builds [Bug #59028] From 1.1.0b - SolrClient::system Access system servlet which fetch Solr Server System Information - SolrClient::commit argument $maxSegments is now DEPRECATED - SolrClient::commit Added support for expungeDeletes on - All SolrClient methods throws SolrClientExceptions instead of E_WARNING + SolrClientException - SolrClientExceptions' messages are more informative in case of connection errors - Added json extension validation - All SolrResponse, SolrQueryResponse, SolrUpdateResponse, SolrPingResponse, SolrGenericResponse, SolrDocument, and SolrInputDocument classes are now final - All parameters functions throws SolrIllegalArgumentException instead of E_RROR - SolrParams/SolrModifiableParams/SolrQuery throws SolrIllegalArguments Exception instead of E_ERROR [Feature #66858] - Various Bug Fixes

  • mongo 1.5.4 ** Bug * [PHP-1111] - MongoClient constructor crashes on connection to slave * [PHP-1118] - Aggregate cursor on non-existing collection throws weird error * [PHP-1120] - The mongo driver fails to build as static extension

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