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Just a warning, 5.5.13 introduces a backwards incomaptability
Jun 02, 2014 @ 16:56:16

In this recent post to Reddit.com, they point out a recent change in the core of PHP that could cause problems with backward compatibility: a change in the serialization handling to check for implementation of the Serializable interface.

Strings requiring unserialization of objects are now explicitly checked whether the object they contain implements the Serializable interface. This solves the situation where manipulated strings could be passed for objects using Serializable to disallow serialization. An object implementing Serializable will always start with "C:" in the serialized string, all other objects are represented with starting "O:". Objects implementing Serializable to disable serialization using zend_class_unserialize_deny and zend_class_serialize_deny, when instantiated from the serializer with a manipulated "O:" string at the start, will most likely be defectively initialized. This is now fixed at the appropriate place by checking for the presence of the serialize callback in the class entry.

The change corrects a bug that has been used, in certain cases, as a work-around to create objects without calling the constructor. The correct fix for it, if you're using it in your own applications, is to call ReflectionObject::newInstanceWithoutConstructor.

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Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/26w42x/just_a_warning_5513_introduces_a_backwards/

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