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Latest PECL Releases for 04.01.2014
Apr 01, 2014 @ 07:06:43

Latest PECL Releases:

  • uopz 2.0.1 fix build error in some setups

  • uopz 1.0.7 fix bug in applying method modifiers

  • uopz 1.0.8 fix bug in applying method modifiers work on uopz_compose, compose classes in one function call is possible

  • qb 2.2.0 Enabled compiling to native binary in Solaris and FreeBSD Fixed issue #29 - Segfault during array resize in Solaris Fixed issue #32 - Segfault when images are resized or created Fixed issue #33 - Incorrect CPU count Fixed issue #34 - Inability to call functions inside namespace Fixed issue #35 - Segfault in PHP 5.5.8 when QB coroutine is called Fixed issues flagged by Valgrind

  • uopz 1.0.9 fix bug in finding functions, affecting various add more tests

  • uopz 1.0.10 take properties to compose

  • uopz 1.0.11 fix unresolved external symbols on some builds fix bug in overload for add trait/interface

  • uopz 2.0.0 API finalized, no moar changes fix logical error in uopz_extend fix logical errors in uopz_compose enforce using correct handlers (stability++) fix scope issue in global functions created with uopz_function take modifiers to uopz_function for global functions fix bug in uopz_delete on magic methods

  • uopz 1.0.6 fix memory error causing segfault in auto backup allow composition of interfaces and traits enforce inheritance rules while composing classes

  • pthreads 2.0.4 fix memory errors introduced in 2.0.0 fix 5.3 build synchronize versions

  • uopz 1.0.5 fix various scope issues use exceptions where appropriate tidy all code add some more tests

  • eio 1.2.5 Fix: Bitbucket issue #2: Static build fails Fix: build failed when EVENTFD was not available

  • pthreads 2.0.3 Fix bug in trait alias/precedence (gh bug #274) Fix leak (gh bug #272)

  • uopz 1.0.4 add copy fix various scope issues fix heap corruption issue auto backup on uopz_function

  • qb 2.1.2 Fixed issue #17 - Segfault with large fixed length array Fixed issue #19, #28 - Errors in Solaris 11 Fixed issue #20 - Corruption of pass-by-ref variables Fixed issue #21 - Conflict with xdebug in FreeBSD Fixed issue #24 - Broken ZTS build Fixed issue #27 - Incorrect object import

  • timezonedb 2014.2 Updated to version 2014.2 (2014b)