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Latest PECL Releases for 03.25.2014
March 25, 2014 @ 07:06:49

Latest PECL Releases:
  • uopz 1.0.3 allow overriding static scope on created methods add backup/restore functions (auto restore internal functions)

  • uopz 1.0.2 allow compose to take constructor apply magic to methods created with uopz_function capture class scope for created methods

  • uopz 1.0.1 fix compatibility with 5.4

  • uopz 1.0.0 First release

  • event 1.9.1 Fix: return value of EventBase::reInit() was inverted issue #7: PHP_EVENT_REQUIRE_BASE_BY_REF() didn't work in 5.6.0-dev (fixed by Remi Collet)

  • riak 1.1.4 Since 1.1.3 Fixes serious issue 68: Protobuf implementation not thread safe.

  • jsond 1.3.0 * New JSON parser implemented using re2c and bison

  • redis 2.2.5 phpredis 2.2.5 This is a minor release with several bug fixes as well as additions to support new commands that have been introduced to Redis since our last release. A special thanks to everyone who helps the project by commenting on issues and submitting pull requests! :) [NEW] Support for the BITPOS command [NEW] Connection timeout option for RedisArray (@MikeToString) [NEW] A _serialize method, to complement our existing _unserialize method [NEW] Support for the PUBSUB command [NEW] Support for SCAN, SSCAN, HSCAN, and ZSCAN [NEW] Support for the WAIT command [FIX] Handle the COPY and REPLACE arguments for the MIGRATE command [DOC] Fix syntax error in documentation for the SET command (@mithunsatheesh) [DOC] Homebrew documentation instructions (@mathias)

  • timezonedb 2014.1 Updated to version 2014.1 (2014a)

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