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Gonzalo Ayuso:
Playing with event dispatcher and Silex. Sending logs to a remote server.
October 22, 2013 @ 09:44:57

Gonzalo Ayuso as a new post today showing the results of some of his testing with the event dispatcher and Silex to send logs to a remote server.

Today I continue playing with event dispatcher and Silex. Now I want to send a detailed log of our Kernel events to a remote server. We can do it something similar with Monolog, but I want to implement one working example hacking a little bit the event dispatcher. Basically we're going to create one Logger class (implementing PSR-3 of course).

He includes the sample code defining a "Logger" class that takes whatever message sent to it and pushes it into a given socket resource. He also creates a provider for the logger to implement it in the example and registers it with the event dispatcher. He hooks it into the request, get controller, terminate and exception events. On the other side he uses React to make a basic server to listen on port 4000 for the incoming log data.

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