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Latest PECL Releases for 09.10.2013
September 10, 2013 @ 07:03:38

Latest PECL Releases:
  • fann 1.0.1 * Fixed configuration bug for older versions of autoconf

  • jsonc 1.3.2 - number must not have leading zeroes (json-c pr #90, merged) - string must be double-quoted (json-c PR #94) - comment are not allowed (json-c PR #94) - trailing char after data not allowed (json-c PR #94) - add JSON_C_BUNDLED and JSON_C_VERSION constants

  • pthreads 0.0.45 additional functionality for all objects: pop/merge/shift/chunk shared class name table saves memory for each context/avoids errors segfaults/memory errors avoided where possible more predictable behaviour when objects gone away

  • event 1.7.6 Change: sockets extension is now required(see bug #65597). The user can still turn off this requirement explicitly with --disable-event-sockets configure option

  • oci8 2.0.2 Review and improve error handling code and data types. Fix oci_set_*($connection, ...) error handling so oci_error($connection) works. Add DTrace oci8-connection-close probe Add the connection handle to several DTrace probes.

  • imagick 3.1.0 - Releasing RC3 as is

  • imagick 3.1.0RC3 - Fixed building against latest ImageMagick versions (#GH-2) - Fixed thumbnail resize bug (#GH-1) - Fixed building against latest PHP versions

  • oci8 2.0.1 Fixed --enable-maintainer-zts mode. Allow Implicit Result Set statement resources to inherit the parent's current prefetch count. Allow OCI8 to be DTrace-enabled independently from core PHP. Require OCI8 to be configured 'shared' when enabling DTrace support.

  • rrd 1.1.1 - possible segfault in rrd_fetch

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