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Why don't you contribute to PHP?
September 05, 2013 @ 13:26:29

On today nikic asks you why you don't contribute to PHP, that is to the language itself or the community around its improvement.

I know many of you care about PHP and have suggestions about how to improve it. My questions is: What prevents you from writing a mail to the internals mailing list with your suggestion/proposal (or to participate in existing discussions)? [...] I'd be interested in your opinions and hope that things can be improved based on them.

Some of his own examples to kick off the discussion include time constraints, not being able to write the patch themselves and some of the issues with the culture of the internals mailing list. Other suggestions from the comments include lack of confidence in coding skills (C++), the possible lack of interest in the RFC and the current state of the language's codebase.

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