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Openbiz Cubi: A Robust PHP Application Framework, Part 1
May 17, 2013 @ 15:36:20

On PHPMaster.com today they've posted the first part of a series spotlighting Openbiz Cubi, a PHP "framework" with a business focus.

Openbiz Cubi is a robust PHP application framework giving developers the ability to create business applications with minimal effort. In this two-part series I’ll explain the concepts and steps necessary to create your own business web applications with Cubi. We’ll look first at the challenges web developers face and how Openbiz Cubi can help, and then how to install Cubi. In part 2 we’ll see how to create our own modules.

They start off by describing the tool and some of the features that come with it (including user management and the XML data object structure). Complete installation instructions are included and a screenshot is included of the end result. They include a "quick tour" of Cubi's features and some of the modules that come with it like the System, Menu and User modules. In part two of the series, they'll show you how to create a custom module.

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Link: http://phpmaster.com/openbiz-cubi-a-robust-php-application-framework-1

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