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Latest PECL Releases for 05.14.2013
May 14, 2013 @ 07:01:53

Latest PECL Releases:

  • APM 1.1.0RC2 Changed: - upgraded UI by using tweeter boostrap and upgrading jqGrid

  • mongo 1.4.0RC1 ** Bug * [PHP-776] - MongoCollection::batchInsert() with empty options array segfaults * [PHP-781] - MongoCollection::count() should not leak, and throw exception instead of returning GLE document * [PHP-792] - Memory leak while reading an INT64 on a 32bit platform with native_long enabled * [PHP-795] - MongoCode segfaults when internal 'code' property is modified * [PHP-800] - Error codes for some errors in bson.c are re-used.

    ** Improvement * [PHP-744] - Support the oplog_replay query flag * [PHP-775] - MongoCursor->hint() can't hint on a index by name

    ** Task * [PHP-475] - Create functional phpt tests for read preference exceptions * [PHP-780] - Deprecate slaveOkay & timeout URI options * [PHP-788] - Document journal/fsync MongoClient connection options * [PHP-793] - Add deprecation notice to non-array options for MongoDB::createCollection * [PHP-801] - Deprecate boolean options to MongoCollection::insert() * [PHP-802] - Deprecate boolean options to MongoCollection::ensureIndex() * [PHP-805] - Deprecate (for real) the "chunks" option in MongoGridFS::__construct

  • couchbase 1.1.5 Same release as 1.1.4, fixed pecl package: - Don't check for JSON. It's part of the php core - Adjust parameter names in reflection to match couchbase-api.php - Prototype trying to get the thing working for PECL - Reset the error code between each request of a persistent connection - Report libcouchbase version in phpinfo - Remove gettimeofday implementation for win32 - PCBC-206: Prototype for configuration caching - Fixup memory allocation for URL path - PCBC-186: Add method to list all design docs - PCBC-178: Add support for connection_timeout - Update GetReplica test - PCBC-218: Detect invalid characters in CAS - Add bucket manipulation example - PCBC-172: Add design document examples - PCBC-191 Don't coredump for invalid argument - Update the list of supported PHP versions