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Latest PECL Releases for 03.26.2013
March 26, 2013 @ 07:01:58

Latest PECL Releases:
  • ZendOpcache 7.0.1 - Fixed Bug #64490 (add __FreeBSD_kernel__ to allowed FreeBSD defs) - Fixed Bug #64482 (Opcodes for dynamic includes should not be cached) - Fixed Bug #64353 (Built-in classes can be unavailable with dynamic includes and Optimizer+) - Fixed compatibility with ext/phar - Fixed Issue #58 (PHP-5.2 compatibility) - Fixed Issue #57 (segfaults in drupal7) - Fixed Issue #54 (PECL install adds extension= instead of zend_extension= to php.ini)-iii - Allows exclusion of large files from being cached - Save a stat() call by calling sapi_module.get_stat() - Add optional flag to opcache_get_status() - Separate "start_time" from "last_restart_time"

  • xdebug 2.2.2 Sat, Mar 23, 2013 - xdebug 2.2.2 + Added features: - Support for PHP 5.5. = Fixed bugs: - Fixed bug #598: Use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to determine remote debugger. - Fixed bug #625: xdebug_get_headers() -> Headers are reset unexpectedly. - Fixed bug #811: PHP Documentation Link. - Fixed bug #818: Require a php script in the PHP_RINIT causes Xdebug to crash. - Fixed bug #903: xdebug_get_headers() returns replaced headers. - Fixed bug #905: Support PHP 5.5 and generators. - Fixed bug #920: AM_CONFIG_HEADER is depreciated.

  • event 1.5.0 Fix: uninitialized socket caused segmentation fault in EventBufferEvent methods Del: EventBufferPosition class removed, EventBuffer::search now accepts and returns integers Add: EventBuffer::searchEol method Add: EventUtil::getSocketName method Add: EventListener::getSocketName method Fix: memory leak due to lack of zend_hash_destroy on the ssl context options Add: support of UNIX domain sockets in EventListener::__construct, EventBufferEvent::connect methods

  • pq 0.1.0 * Initial release

  • taint 1.2.2 - Fixed issue #4 (wrong op fetched) - Fixed issue #3 (zend_error_noreturn undefined)

  • Judy 0.1.5 - Multiple bug fixes and improvment from GitHub pull request #8

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