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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases for 02.26.2013
Feb 26, 2013 @ 07:06:22

Latest PECL Releases:

  • leveldb 0.1.2 2013-02-24 - leveldb 0.1.2 - Fixed bug when explict specify NULL comparator/snapshot raises exception - Fixed memory leaks when sepecify invalid snapshot - Fixed memory leaks of LevelDB::get()

  • leveldb 0.1.3 2013-02-24 - leveldb 0.1.3: - 0.1.3 is a version number fix upon 0.1.2 which forgot to remove '-dev' suffix before release

  • event 1.2.5 This is the first release on PECL since 1.0.0. Previous releases are available here: https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/pecl-event

    Add: callbacks and the callback arg are now passed to EventBufferEvent::__construct as optional arguments Change: EventBufferEvent enable/disable methods return bool now Change: instead of stream pass numeric file descriptor to EventListener's accept-connection callback Fix: unneeded Z_ADDREF_P() calls in EventListener, EventBufferEvent constructors and factory methods Fix: EventListener cached file descriptor for all connections

  • eio 1.2.1 Fix: build failed without sockets extension Fix: eio_write failed when buffer length was lesser than size + offset

  • dio 0.0.7 Added far better windows error reporting. Warnings now raised when Win32 API calls return errors. The warnings include the underlying Windows error message.