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Interview With Musketeers.me On Taking Over PHP|Architect
Jan 03, 2013 @ 15:22:31

On 7PHP.com today Khayrattee Wasseem has posted an interview with Musketeers.me about their recent move to being the owners of the php|architect brand and all of its products/events.

If you were having a sky-diving on planet Mars since the past months, or if you were too enthusiastic in getting lost within The Hobbit’s World – wake up Sid! There’s news concerning PHP Land! On “its” 10th birthday, last December 2012, your “PHP Magazine for PHP Professionals“ (The one & only PHP|Architect) announced on its portal that it’s brand, owned by BlueParabola, is being ‘safely & soundly‘ handed over to The PHP Musketeers aka Musketeers.me for a smooth and more dynamic life.

In the interview they talk about things like:

  • The motivation behind the acquisition
  • Positives and negatives of the brand as they see them
  • Future plans for the magazine and brand
  • What they see as the overall goals for php|architect
  • What kind of challenges they see in the road ahead

You can read the full interview here and find out more about this change on the php|architect site.

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