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Interview with Lorna Jane Mitchell - Get Started! Stop Reading, Start Doing!
Mar 13, 2012 @ 13:48:38

On 7php.com today they've posted their latest interview with a well-known PHP community member - Lorna Mitchell:

In this edition I talked with Lorna Jane Mitchell, the Project Lead of Joind.in - built with PHP and proud to be Open-Source. She is the first female PHP programmer Iā€™m interviewing on 7php.com and this makes it a special one. Lorna is a highly respected and highly looked-upon PHPer in the PHP Community with all her active contributions, writing so many insightful PHP articles, co-author of the famous PHP book ā€œPHP Master|Write Cutting-Edge Codeā€ and being a regular speaker at conferences ā€“ I was very lucky last week to have been able to attend her LIVE-online talk at Day Camp 4 Developers #4 (@daycamp4devs).

She answers some of the usual questions:

  • How she got started with PHP
  • Her top advice to PHP developers
  • The best PHP book she's read
  • What tools she uses for her development

Besides this, she also includes some words of encouragement to developers to get involved, not just in projects but in the PHP community.

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