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Robert Basic's Blog:
Zend Framework full page cache tips
February 13, 2012 @ 11:45:10

If you're looking at using the full-page caching that the Zend Framework has to offer, you should read about Robert Basic's experiences with it before implementing it in your application.

When I started rewriting this blog, I knew from start that I want to use Zend Framework's full page caching, as, I think, that's the best cache for this purpose. Not much going on on the front end, much more reads than writes, no ajax or any other "dynamic" content. While implementing the cache, I ran into two issues.

His issues revolved around the feature not creating valid cache files due to a duplicate "startSession" call in his code and having the Google Analytics code included in the template (with different keys every time). You can find out more about this functionality in the Zend Framework manual.

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