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PHPBuilder.com Founder Passes Away, Leaves Indelible Legacy in FLOSS Development
Oct 12, 2011 @ 15:41:44

Sad news today from PHPBuilder.com - Tim Perdue, the founder of the PHPBuilder.com site and contributor to the SourceForge project as one of the original developers has passed away at 37.

The PHPBuilder staff was saddened to learn that the founder of our site, Tim Perdue, passed away on September 16 , 2011, after a battle with cancer. At only 37 years of age, Tim's passing came much too soon, but his contributions to the PHP and open source communities assure him a lasting legacy.

Related posts include this tribute from his company, GForge and this article from Jake Ludington on LockerGnome. Digging through our own archives, I found this interview with him back in 2002 (an archive.org link, the original is no longer there).

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