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The PriadoBlender Compiler
Sep 30, 2003 @ 12:34:35

J Wynia sent us this note yesterday, telling us about a cool new project that could help potential Windows PHP developers distribute scripts as executable programs. The project, PriadoBlender has just been released, so it's still in it's early stages.

According to their site: PriadoBlender is a tool to let you distribute your PHP scripts as an executable EXEs. It is similar to the PHPCompiler that was available for a couple of months a year or 2 ago. PriadoBlender isn't a true compiler in the computer science sense of the term. True compilers take the high-level code and turn it into machine/assembly code. Instead, PriadoBlender takes your PHP code and the PHP interpretor itself and blends them into standalone, PHP executable goodness.

Note that it doesn't work like a true compiler, but, in my experience with it, that doesn't seem to matter. I threw a few things at it that I was wondering about (like superglobals and input argumaents) and it took them all in stride. So far so good for this little project. Here's hoping we can only get bigger and better from here...



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