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Michelangelo van Dam's Blog:
Quality Assurance on PHP projects - PHPDocumentor
Jul 27, 2011 @ 13:51:48

Michelangelo van Dam has posted the latest in his "quality assurance in PHP projects" series today with a look at something that can make your life and documentation easier - PHPDocumentor.

Unfortunately I've come across too many lines of code that were just lines of code, no comments or annotations provided. So, in best cases I could guess the types and parameters, but in many it was too obfuscated. I already talked about usage of a code sniffer like PHP_CodeSniffer in my previous post where you can validate the usage of comments in the code. But forcing developers (using a pre-commit checker) into writing documentation with their code is not really a good thing.

He suggests using something like PHPDocumetor (there's other PHPDoc parsers including DocBlox and Doxygen out there) to automatically generate documentation for your code based on its comments, giving your developers easier web-based access to the contents. He includes some sample docblocks for a class/method and gives an example command line call to build docs based on a project. A screencast and screenshot of the generated site shows the results of the run.

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