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DataModeler Simple ORM - Part 2 Saving Models
September 22, 2010 @ 09:37:46

In his previous post Vic Cherubini introduced his namespaced DataModler ORM class and showed how to create a basic model to work with user information to the database. In this second part he looks at taking those models and saving their contents to the database.

After you have created your Models, it's time to save them to a datastore. DataModeler requires you to use PDO as the abstraction layer as it makes use of prepared statements and database specific extensions.

He bases it all on PDO object - created and pushed in via dependency injection. The model then uses that object and executes a "save()" containing the data created in the model request. He also talks about "dumb loads", a feature that lets the modeler think it was loaded without having to know anything more than just the object's ID number.

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