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Cal Evans' Blog:
Only YOU can prevent web failures
May 03, 2010 @ 09:37:20

Cal Evans has a reminder to all of the businesses out there that have sites and use web site hosting services - only you can prevent web failures and potentially alienate customers.

Last night I wrote the info@ email address on a website and asked a questions about their product. They politely responded with two links to their website. This morning however, when I went to visit them, I was greeted with the message above. It's now three hours later and the site is still "experiencing difficulties". [...] This problem can be prevented by business owners insisting on - and paying for - "Best Practices" in their software vendors.

He offers a few suggestions to businesses to help prevent this sort of (catastrophic?) failure for their businesses including having a rollout and rollback plan and having a good set of tests to make doubly sure things work before the code even meets the public.

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