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Writing a Zend_Auth_Adapter with Doctrine
Jan 25, 2010 @ 15:54:32

New from the ZendCasts.com site today there's this new screencast looking at the integration of the Zend_Auth_Adapter component of the Zend Framework and the Doctrine ORM library to split out the authentication from the persistence layer.

I've been using Doctrine a lot in my own work, and recently found myself itching to have tighter integration between Zend and Doctrine when it comes to user logins. Luckily, Zend provides a very simple interface with regards to Zend_Auth. This way, it's easy to decouple your persistence layer (in my case Doctrine) from the authentication layer.

He also recommends checking out Palo Verede's look at the same topic. You can watch the screencast here and grab the code for it here.

tagged: zendauth adapter doctrine authentication


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