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Thomas Koch's Blog:
eZ Components Template is not slow...
October 14, 2009 @ 10:31:02

In response to the (now somewhat infamous) post from Fabien Potencier about templating in PHP and comparisons of his own templating system (Twig) with various other offerings around the community, Thomas Koch notes that the eZ Components template is not slow and that maybe Fabien just wasn't using it correctly.

Dear Fabien, I think it's not fair to blog a benchmark without publishing the code you used to do the benchmark! But even without the code and without doing my own benchmark, I can offer some explanations, why eZ Components may have been the slowest in your benchmark and why you've compared apples with oranges.

He includes a few code examples - both from Twig and the eZ Components - and how they compare in terms of how the templates are made, what they're parsed into and things that could cause a difference in performance between the two.

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