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PHP 10.0 Blog:
syntax I miss in PHP
August 24, 2009 @ 09:40:34

In this new post to the PHP 10.0 blog Stas mentions some of the other syntax options he's like to see in PHP including:

  • a()() - When a() returns a callable object (such as a closure) the second set of brackets would call it.
  • foo(1,2,,4) - Syntax to skip a parameter in a call, which then will be substituted with the default as defined by the function.
  • $a = ["a", "b" => "c"]; - I'd really like to have short array syntax. Yes, I know it was rejected so many times already, but I still like it.

Be sure to catch some of the good amount of comments with options from others about Stas' suggestions.

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