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Dynamically Create Menu With PHP DOM
Jul 20, 2009 @ 15:50:52

New from Kevin Waterson on the PHPro.org site is this tutorial looking at dynamically making a website menu with PHP's DOM functionality.

Most PHP coders will have their own menu generation class that will take an array or an item and add it to a HTML un-ordered list or other tag and the styling is handled with CSS. This has proven to be a worthy solution to menu creation, however, PHP already has all the tools and classes built in to create a menu using DOM. It is both powerful and extensible and further eliminates for yet another class in your tree.

The tutorial shows you how to create a simple XML document to define the menu using the DOM functionality in PHP and finally output it as a series of unordered lists that can be styled in whatever way you want.

tagged: xml dom menu dynamic


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