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Confessions of a Hiring Manager Get my attention, Get a Job
June 26, 2009 @ 17:32:31

If you're a developer out there and are looking for that next job (contract or otherwise), you might check out this advice from Cal Evans as to what he, a hiring manager in the past, has looked for in a developer's resume.

am often asked to take a look at friends resume to give pointers on how that can make it more effective. Invariably, my advice is the same, so I'll share it here. When I was a manager and in charge of hiring, your resume had to get my attention for me to even consider it. If you got my attention, you had a much better chance at getting the job. That's the secret: get my attention, and get the job.

He points out that the usual situation is one manager to a large group of applicants. You may see the job post once, but so do 30 other people and you're all trying to grab attention. What's his recommendation? Brevity. Keep the first page short then dive deep behind that. There's more great tips in the rest of the post.

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