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Echolibre Blog:
Customising Zend Framework Routing
March 13, 2009 @ 10:23:04

On the echolibre blog J.D. has made a new post looking at Zend Framework routing and how you can customize it to get the user where they need to go.

I wanted to write a post that shows a few different ways to customise Zend Frameworks routing when you're using their MVC implementation. Most of this is covered in the documentation, but it can be a little difficult to dig out.

He starts with the normal routing setup (the standard /module/controller/action and /controller/action setups) and moves on to the "magic" - a way to have a standard "framework URL" without having to include an action. He sets up a route with a wildcard to catch anything for that controller and passes it off to a custom router that goes through the request values and returns the values as though they were formatted normally in the URL.

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