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Stefan Esser's Blog:
Some facts about the PHPList vulnerability and the hack
February 06, 2009 @ 08:44:25

Some of you might have heard about the hacking of the website earlier this week. Well, Stefan Esser has posted a bit more about the vulnerability in the PHPList software that lead to the problem.

A few days ago was hacked through a super-globals-overwrite vulnerability in PHPList that was used by an attacker for a local file inclusion exploit. Details about the whole attack, written down by someone who claims to be the attacker, can be read here.

Stefan talks about the superglobal problem PHPList had - allowing the superglobal information to overwrite the variables inside the script without so much as a check. Example code shows how it was possible for the attacker to provide their own configuration file value to be opened via a stream wrapper.

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