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Job Posting:
MNC Seeks Tech Lead (India)
Jan 23, 2009 @ 17:19:14

Company MNC
Location India
Title Tech Lead

Job Description
This Position is a hands on technology position, that enables driven leaders with deep tech skills to take complete ownership of projects including their overall planning, execution and success. They lead a team of 5-15 engineers and manage all aspects of up to 2 projects including the technology, schedules, quality as well as recruitment and mentorship for their team members.

This is a hands-on position and the Tech Lead is expected to be actively involved in code execution and review.


  • Lead high energy dev teams to create complex internet applications
  • Architect and deliver highly reliable, scalable, maintainable and operable large-scale internet applications
  • Manage entire project lifecycle - design, documentation, coding, testing and deployment
  • Lead cross functional teams to ensure project success including managing the user experience and product fit
  • Research and adopt global best practices and technologies that aid in our end objectives
  • Mentor team members, identify manpower requirements and coordinate recruitment and training processes


  • 8+ years of software engineering experience, of which 3+ years have been spent leading a team
  • Experience in developing products in one or more of Java, C#, PHP, Ajax / Javascript and preferably a hands-on coder
  • Proficient in PHP and SQL programming.
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills in English
  • Experience in building large scale globally distributed solutions
  • Excellent grasp of Networking Concepts, OOPS, Application Design, Web Applications, Web 2.0

Concepts, RIA and Usability

  • Excellent understanding of Data structures, Advanced RDBMS concepts etc
  • Conceptual and functional knowledge in OLAP and BI would be helpful
  • Excellent at architecting complex high availability solutions involving multi-threading, Async IO, horizontal partitioning, load balancing, globally distributed deployments etc
  • Experience in Linux/Unix
  • Strong knowledge and working experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Excellent logical reasoning
  • Experience in SOAP, XML-RPC or some Remoting / Distributed computing / SOA technologies
  • Experience in using SCM tools like CVS, SVN etc and using issue-tracking tools like JIRA, Mantis etc
  • Process oriented with a penchant for automation, analysis and processifying mundane tasks

Bonus points:

  • Knowledge of Agile development methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc.)
  • Active blogger
  • Contribution to Open Source Projects
  • Conversant in Klingon

About the Company
The company is a $300+ million group of businesses, creating Internet software for millions of global users. You will be part of teams that are responsible for architecting and developing large-scale, globally distributed software solutions. These projects involve myriad technologies, diverse platforms, networking concepts, complex algorithms and latest application paradigms such as Ajax, SOA etc and are deployed across hundreds of servers, process terabytes of traffic, and serve millions of users.

The Business Unit
This is one of the world's leading companies in the traffic monetization business. By revenue, it is the #1 fastest growing domains parking company worldwide for 2006 & 2007, and currently features amongst the world's Top 3 largest domain parking companies. By headcount, it is the #1 largest domains parking company worldwide.

The focus is on building mass market products in the internet advertising space. The applications rely on making split second intelligent decisions using large amount of data. Most of the databases are hundreds of Gigabytes and some over a Terabyte in size. Currently over 500+ CPUs and more than 500+ GBs of ram are used to run the network.

Contact Sudip Sen for more information or to apply: sudip@shikshaplanet.com

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