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08.17.2014 (Sunday)
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.17.2014
08.16.2014 (Saturday)
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.16.2014
08.15.2014 (Friday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: IronMQ and Laravel: Delays and Retries PHP 5.6.0RC4 is available
Johannes Schlüter: PHP 5.3 - Thanks for all the Fish
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.15.2014
Site News: Popular Posts for the Week of 08.15.2014
08.14.2014 (Thursday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: How to Create a Unique 64bit Integer from String Blog: Handling AngularJS POST requests in Symfony
Brandon Savage: What's in your Composer file?
Three Devs & A Maybe Podcast: The First All-Episode Quiz PHP 5.3.29 is available, PHP 5.3 reaching end of life
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.14.2014
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP
08.13.2014 (Wednesday)
Geshan Manandhar: 3 Bundles to get started with REST in Symfony 2 and some tips
SitePoint Web Blog: From Developer to Product Manager: A 3 Stage Plan
Symfony Blog: Pre-conference workshops at SymfonyLive New York and SymfonyCon Madrid are online!
Piotr Pasich: CakePHP with Symfony's2 router
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.13.2014
Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix
08.12.2014 (Tuesday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: Data Validation in Laravel - Introduction & Custom Validators Blog: Asynchronous fault tolerant programming with PHP
Mathias Verraes: Resolving Feature Envy in the Domain
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Beth Tucker Long
Cal Evans: Step 0 when hiring PHP developers online. Get this right!
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.12.2014
Community News: Latest PECL Releases for 08.12.2014
08.11.2014 (Monday)
Geshan Manandhar: Getting started with PHP (LEMP) on Vagrant, the easiest way
Przemek Sobstel: Preventing the Dogpile Effect
SitePoint PHP Blog: PHP Dependency Injection Container Performance Benchmarks
Allan MacGregor: Exploring Hack: Building a MicroFramework
Community News: Packagist Latest Releases for 08.11.2014
Community News: Latest PEAR Releases for 08.11.2014


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