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04.12.2017 (Wednesday)
Full Stack Radio: 62: Timezones, Webhook Security, and UI Decisions
Kevin Schroeder: (Almost) Stupid Easy PHP Integration with Active Directory on Azure
Exakat Blog: Moving from array to class
Hackernoon.com: Automatically Running PHPUnit With Watchman
Zend Framework Blog: Develop Expressive Applications Rapidly Using CLI Tooling
Community News: Recent posts from PHP Quickfix (04.12.2017)
04.11.2017 (Tuesday)
North Meets South Podcast: WordPress, UUIDs, and testing revelations
SitePoint PHP Blog: An Alternative Laravel Package Development Workflow
Fabien Potencier: Symfony 4: Directory Structure
Toptal.com: PhalconPHP: A Solution for High-load RESTful APIs
Laravel News: Using the Google API with Socialite
Community News: Latest PECL Releases (04.11.2017)
04.10.2017 (Monday)
NetTuts.com: Building With the Twitter API: Analyzing Your Followers
Fabien Potencier: Symfony 4: Best Practices
Laravel News: Introduction to Seeding Data in Testing
PHPUgly Podcast: Episode 55 - Sex, lies, and coding
Community News: Latest PEAR Releases (04.10.2017)
04.07.2017 (Friday)
Zend Developer Zone: ZendCon 2017 Call for Papers is OPEN!
Toptal.com: Maintain Slim PHP MVC Frameworks with a Layered Structure
php[architect]: April 2017 Issue Released - Spring Renewal
Zend Framework Blog: Discover and Read RSS and Atom Feeds
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (04.07.2017)
04.06.2017 (Thursday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: Easily Add Social Logins to Your App with Socialite
TutsPlus.com: Programming With Yii2: Building a RESTful API
Michael Dyrynda: Partial model updates in Laravel
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (04.06.2017)

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