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08.05.2015 (Wednesday)
That Podcast: Episode 21: The one with all the screen time
Coding.bmail.net Blog: Advanced logging system in PHP for careful developers
Zend: Debugging WordPress with Zend Server and Z-Ray on AWS
Eric Barnes: How to set up your Mac for local PHP Development
Semaphore CI Blog: Getting Started with BDD in Laravel
PHP Roundtable: 026: Documentation & Developer Experience
08.04.2015 (Tuesday)
Rob Allen: Zend\Input and empty values
SitePoint PHP Blog: Introduction to Elasticsearch in PHP
Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Heather White
08.03.2015 (Monday)
SitePoint PHP Blog: The State of Accessibility in PHP Tools
Paragon Initiative: Secure Data Encryption in Web Applications with PHP
Andrew Smith: Why is Slim 3 not so slim anymore
Matt Stauffer: Login Throttling in Laravel 5.1
07.31.2015 (Friday)
Amine Matmati: Testing PDF content with PHP and Behat
ServerGrove Blog: Introduction to the PHAR format
PHP Town Hall Podcast: Episode 43: Midnight Express
Site News: Popular Posts for This Week (07.31.2015)
Davey Shafik: An Exceptional Change in PHP 7.0
07.30.2015 (Thursday)
Dylan Bridgman: Writing highly readable code
Drupalize.me: Learning Drupal 8 from Boilerplate Code
Platform.sh: Creating flamegraphs with XHProf
Younes Rafie: Using Selenium with PHPUnit
Alejandro Celaya: Working with custom column types in Doctrine. Enums.
Site News: Blast from the Past - One Year Ago in PHP (07.30.2015)

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